Grand Caye
Grand Caye
Wellness & Social Club

Wellness shouldn’t be a luxury


About Grand Caye

NYC First Club focused on Social Wellness & Women’s Health

We know that your time is precious and we often take care of ourselves last. We understand the hustle is real and sometimes you just need a little space for yourself but also time to really connect with others ( off the gram!). That’s why we are creating Grand Caye wellness & Social Club.

It’s a space to relax, play, and be unproductive.

We are an inclusive space for the maiden, mother, crone and all folx who seek connection, community and wellness. Come as you are and we will meet you right there.

GRAND CAYE puts your wellness, self care, and social needs ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.

  • Communal Sauna

  • Mineral Hot Tub

  • Cold Plunge

  • Relaxation Space

  • All Day Cafe

  • Communal Family Style Dinner Series

  • Vetted Wellness Practitioners and Healers

  • Showers and Beauty Room

  • Daily Classes: Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Soundbath, Dance Parties, and more!

Why Grand Caye

By reviving the wisdom of ancient bathing traditions and community we hope to create an environment where people can access more joy, connection, & joie de vivre
— Kelly Corzine, Founder & CEO & Mama

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